Salman Khan’s duplicate, Azam Ansari, arrested for making objectionable reels in public and religious places, was released on bail. In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, police had arrested Salman Khan’s look-alike, Azam Ansari, on charges of disturbing the peace. Ansari was doing a reel in Ghantaghar on Sunday and a huge crowd gathered on the road to see Salman Khan’s duplicate, causing a huge traffic jam. Later, due to the complaint of some passengers, the police arrived at the scene and Ansari was arrested.

After getting bail, Azam Ansari said he wants to meet Salman Khan. Ansari, who was released on bail, told reporters Tuesday that he appreciated the police action and their treatment of them. He said that he does not regret being arrested. The police acted correctly, none of them were mean to me and even the senior officers were very nice. He said that he wanted to lose weight and was inspired by Salman Khan.

When asked why he takes inspiration from the actor, Azam said that Salman Khan is down to earth, helps the poor and needy, and always stays fit and active. Fifteen years ago, I gained a lot of weight and weighed 128 kg, after which they made fun of me. I was a fan of Salman and used to watch all his movies, so I decided to get fit like him and go to the gym.

Azam, who is associated with the real estate business, said that I want to meet Salman and make a video with him. Azam has around 1 lakh followers on Instagram and has made videos of all the popular songs of the actor.


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