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Salman Khan has not been to the restaurant for the last 20 years to eat, he does not accept entry through the front door of the hotel!

Salman Khan will celebrate his 56th birthday on December 27, 2021. Salman Khan, while sharing funny stories from his life during the television show, said that he has not been to the restaurant to eat in the last 20 years. While sharing the anecdote during ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Salman Video said that he has not seen any hotel lobby in the last 20 years. He hasn’t even been to eat at any restaurant. Whenever you are staying in a hotel, you enter through the back door.

Salman Khan said during The Kapil Sharma Show that when he stays in a hotel during the shooting, he enters through the back door, the service elevator or the kitchen and out of there. Salman Khan says that he had seen the hotel lobby before he became an actor, after that he never goes through the front door.

Salman Khan said on the show that when he goes to the kitchen side, he is very happy because he has all the staff there. Salman Khan (Salman Khan Comedy) said with this that when it comes to shooting, whatever food is being prepared in the kitchen or someone’s order is leaving, he takes it and says to give him another. Sharing a funny anecdote, Salman Khan said that he only takes five vacations in a year, that also in December, and then takes two vacations to recover. After hearing this talk from Salman Khan, Kapil Sharma starts laughing out loud.


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