Salman Khan has more feelings than girls: Zayed Khan

Salman Khan has more feelings than girls: Zayed Khan

“When a girl tells me that she loves me, I give her a happy love reaction. Reply, otherwise he will be disappointed. My inbox is full of ‘love you’ texts. My messenger box will make you dizzy.

All day your head will be spinning what happens in my messenger box.”

Zayed Khan says these words firmly, claiming that he is soaked in the love of women. Why do women like you? In reply, Zayed said, “Maybe it is in my horoscope. Reasons for preference may be monetary.

Everyone has seen this proof many times. Everyone ran and took pictures. Another reason they like me is that they trust me. Besides, as an artist, girls can like me.
I think they might also like my personality and demeanor. I like salman khan more than girls. I prefer salman khan even more than any girl artist. This is my feelings! It could be. Girls might like me in the same way.

Zayed Khan in crowd of female fans taking selfies

Zayed also said, “I saw online that my picture was being delivered on a pillow cover. Even if I don’t like it, but I am being given attention. Although many people troll, I look positively. Because people are giving me time despite being so busy. Of course I am the subject of discussion. My videos are getting millions of views. Why are they happening? People must have seen me like it.”

When asked about marriage, Zayed said, “Once I got married, I became stale, that’s why I am taking time.” Besides, many people will be heartbroken if I get married. Everyone kept saying in the inbox, please stay like this and don’t get married. I am a beautiful person. The eyes move from side to side. But when I get married I will tell everyone.”

Talking about his desire to join national politics, Zayed said, “I like organizing since childhood. I did politics when I studied in Dhaka University. Moreover, I am a member of Awami League’s sub-committee on culture. I did it from the political artists association to FDC. So politics is in my blood. If the Prime Minister thinks I need him, I will join national politics. I am ready for that.”

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