Salesforce Genie, Net Zero Marketplace, and Slack updates top new in Dreamforce 2022

Salesforce Genie, Net Zero Marketplace, and Slack updates top new in Dreamforce 2022

Salesforcethe world leader in CRM, celebrates September 20 to 22 a new edition of dream force, its annual conference and the world’s largest enterprise software event. The event returns to face-to-face in its twentieth edition, after two years in which, due to the pandemic, virtual editions were held.

During these three days, Salesforce will announce strategic collaborations to develop the next generation of sustainable solutions in the infrastructure markets through the combination of digital, technological and sectoral knowledge. In addition, it also presents the main product innovations:

Salesforce Genie: The Future of Real-Time Personalized Customer Experiences

Salesforce Genie marks the biggest innovation to the Salesforce platform in two decades and is Salesforce’s biggest announcement at Dreamforce 2022. With Genie, every part of Customer 360 will be more automated, intelligent, and operational in real time. Today, customer data remains isolated and duplicated in most businesses, fragmenting information and preventing a better digital experience.

Salesforce Genie is the future of real-time personalized customer experiences, unifying customer data across all channels and interactions into a single customer profile so every experience across Customer 360 is seamless and personalized.

Important companies from all sectors, such as Ford, L’Oreal, Formula 1 or PGA Tour, will use Genie to reinvent the way they connect with their customers.

sustainability, through NetZero Marketplace

Net Zero Marketplace is a platform that allows organizations to increase the reach of their initiatives to protect the environment on a large scale. The global market for voluntary decarbonization is estimated to grow to $50 billion by 2030, as many organizations rapidly scale up their zero-emissions commitments. However, organizations don’t always know how to build a carbon credit portfolio, or even where to start. Additionally, the path to credit purchase is complex, and buyers want to trust that projects are reliable and have a positive impact.

Built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Net Zero Marketplace connects shoppers and ecopreneurs – entrepreneurs focused on the environment. In addition, it has a climate action center where anyone -companies or individuals- can find out about these initiatives.

Any organization can access the Net Zero Marketplace and purchase carbon credits. For organizations currently using the Net Zero Cloud, credits are also easily integrated into the platform and compared to your current emissions. Buyers will receive updated information on the progress of the project, which will encourage reinvestment.

The slack updates that add value to the digital headquarters

With the aim of making teams working together in Slack more productive, Salesforce has presented its innovations at Dreamforce, which incorporate, among others, the extraction of data from Salesforce Customer 360, in order to obtain more value from its digital headquarters.

Slack Canvas is a new platform in digital headquarters where teams can get information, find answers, and move work forward. Complement real-time, linear collaboration across channels with a permanent place to get the most important information and resources. When the new Slack platform and Customer 360 are combined, teams can deliver the data employees need from their check-in systems to Canvas, as well as automate business-critical workflows with buttons and forms.

dream force It will offer a virtual experience during three days of live transmission, with 72 hours of live content, more than 200 sessions on demand and much more. The virtual program can be followed through the Salesforce+ Dreamforce experience.

During the days that this event lasts, global companies that have already incorporated Customer 360 to transform their business, and numerous speakers who lead the way in philanthropy, sustainability, equality, recycling and digital transformation will meet. The finishing touch will be provided by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who will perform at the Dreamfest, in Ball Park, on Wednesday, September 21, to bid farewell to a new edition of this significant technological event.


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