Saira had decided to marry her groom at the age of eight and had her stepdaughter after 16 years of marriage

Saira Banu was born on August 23, 1944 in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand and had inherited acting. His mother Naseema Banu was a famous stage and film actress while his father Miyan Ehsan-ul-Haq was a veteran film producer. Saira spent her childhood in London but wanted to work in film after her studies as she had been interested in acting since school. Actually, she had thought from a young age that she had to become an actress like her mother. Because of this, Saira Banu began her acting career at the age of 17. In the birthday special we present you a few stories from Saira’s life.

Saira Banu was fond of watching films since childhood. In 1952 he saw the film Aan, in which Dilip Kumar played a major role. Saira Banu fell in love with Dilip Kumar just after seeing this movie. The surprising thing is that Saira Banu was only eight years old at the time. At the same time, at that time no one thought that Dilip Kumar would actually become Saira’s partner.

Dilip Kumar also attended Saira’s birthday party on August 23, 1966, after which the process of meeting the two progressed to the point where it was completed after marriage. On October 11, 1966, Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar, 22 years her senior.

Saira had built her dream home with high hopes, but after 16 years, someone caught their eye. In fact, at that time, Asma Rehman and Dilip Kumar from Hyderabad became closer. After some time, Dilip Kumar married Asma. However, after about three years, Dilip Kumar broke up with her and returned to Saira Banu’s life.

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