Being out of the game the first time was a very hard drink that was difficult to digest. There was no choice but to accept it with resignation, but once accepted, they only had to go on the attack. With no chance to win the jackpot, Audis could race without their hands tied, without thinking about how they would rank in the rankings, just with the goal of winning stages. Sainz the most historic won, the first; Ekstrom, the second in the eighth day; and the third, so that no one is missing, it was for Peterhansel with his second mate from Madrid.

So French and Spanish staged a new double for the brand with the four rings as Stéphane did with the Swede on Monday. The two took control of the 375-kilometer special against the clock that linked Wadi Al Dawasir with Bisha from the start and stayed that way until the end. It was Carlos who took the initiative at the beginning, in the first two waypoint, but in the next one, ‘Monsieur Dakar’ took the lead and managed to manage that income until he reached the goal. Two minutes separated them.

The next were Terranova and a Toyota, but not the leader, but a Lategan who has been very fast lately and was four minutes behind Peterhansel. Al Attiyah also finished in the top five, just behind Loeb, but that was not a problem for the Qatari as he only gave up a minute to the Frenchman. There are 32 between them before the eleventh and decisive stage, which has to leave everything seen for sentence. Too much of a difference even after Nasser’s five-minute penalty on Tuesday.

In this way, the BRX team will only have to go out, give it their all and wait for a failure from their rival to turn the situation around. It seems implausible, but if a race does not end until the checkered flag flies, imagine everything that can happen on a Dakar … In the fight for third place on the podium, which is always commendable, Something similar will have to happen for ‘Orly’ and De Villiers to have a choice over Al Rajhi. Audi hopes to be there next year, so far they have already celebrated three victories and are widely distributed. Not bad for a rookie.


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