Sainz returns to his first Ferrari

Sainz returns to his first Ferrari

After starting the year with his father on the Dakar for the first time, returning to Madrid to resume training with motorsport friends like Marc Márquez or spending a few days in the snow of the Dolomites to continue his preparation, it’s time to get back behind the wheel of a Ferrari for Carlos Sainz. And we are not talking about the 812 Competizione that he showed with enthusiasm on his social networks, if not of a car that will always be among his best memories in F1: the SF21 with which he debuted at the Scuderia in 2021.

The man from Madrid leaves for a day the simulations of the next red car, called for now ‘project 675’, to return to the asphalt of Fiorano. It’s not long since he last drove a Ferrari on the Maranello track, he did it in early December in last year’s F1-75 to work on Pirelli’s rain prototypes. On this occasion, are tests scheduled by the Italian team itself as part of the training of its pilots facing the campaign that starts with the Bahrain tests in a month (February 23 to 25).

Some days of filming that have already become common in the Ferrari pre-seasons and that this year have started Tuesday with Robert Shwartzman, development and reserve driver (did 87 laps), They continue on Wednesday with Sainz and end on Thursday with Leclerc. Carlos had a day with rain and very cold temperatures on the track, as could be seen in a video posted by the scuderia in their networks, for which reason he rode almost the entire day with wet tires to avoid risks until he completed 119 laps (354 kilometers).


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