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Sainz: “It’s going to be an extremely complicated Grand Prix”


It rains in Spa, it will continue to rain on Friday of qualifying and it is likely that it will also rain on Saturday of the sprint and Sunday of the race. Carlos Sainz does not dislike it, because the Ferrari in normal conditions does not always offer performance to get close to the podium. Water can even out, in part, some mechanical differences. Although, according to what he told AS, it is a complicated circuit if the bad weather and the sprint format are combined: “They have chosen a complicated circuit to do the sprint, one of the most difficult to nail down a good ‘set-up’, because you have all the compression of Eau Rouge and the descents, the bumps, all kinds of corners… but it’s also an opportunity for us. Let’s see if we can get closer. If you add the rain, it’s going to be an extremely difficult weekend for everyone, but fun. I love riding in Spa both in the dry and in the rain, we’ll have to go and enjoy it”.

“The objective is to achieve a better result, although this year has taught us that it is very difficult to get out of the ordinary. The race is long and you finish where you deserve. When we have been fast, like in Austria, we have finished on top. When we have been slower, like in Hungary, we’re done below. Although it is true that rain can change everything. I try to take advantage of any situation in the rain, no matter what car I have, and I have very good memories here in Spa in the wet in other categories. Although today, in F1, the car also dominates on water. We are all pretty good in water, no one stands out. It will be fun and interesting”, comments the driver from Madrid, sixth in the World Championship.

The controversy of the ‘undercut’

The Hungarian GP is recent, barely four days have passed since that strange ‘undercut’ that Ferrari made for Leclerc to overtake Carlos and finish just ahead, for no apparent reason behind. After visiting the factory, have the explanations convinced you? “I have my conversations and meetings with the engineers and strategists and I ask my questions. Some more complicated than others, and we try to figure it out. I have already received my explanations, the feedback how they saw the race, and you have to focus on the next one”. The moment you talk and debate things, they convince you and you also convince when you explain your point of view. A point of agreement is reached. Although you already saw after the race that he wasn’t too affected, there would be time to analyze it. The fact of finishing seventh or eighth doesn’t worry me too much right now”, Carlos closes. Hungaroring is past water. Now there is more water to deal with.

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