Sainz is suspicious of Al Attiyah: “There was no kind of mistake”

There was a great desire to start, and also to do well, in a competition that brought together three of the great Dakar favorites. Sainz, Al Attiyah and Loeb began the second season of Extreme E defending that same role, although the Qatari was in charge of putting pepper from the first moment to condemn the opening day of the Acciona couple.

“Both Laia and I have had a good rhythm,” Sainz began by telling AS about a performance of which the Spanish prefers to stay “with the positive part”. Because when they fought for everything in the first relay of Q1, Al Attiyah collided with Acciona’s car. So it was Carlos who was behind the wheel and tells how he lived it: “I was on my line and I couldn’t do anything, because it came against me.”

The incident went to review and as a defense the Qatari argued that he had lost his address of his Cupra. But neither the stewards nor Sainz bought the excuse: “The organization’s statement says so, It is clear that there was no fault of any kind.” Al Attiyah shortened the line, which served to leave the duo of Laia and Carlos with options, although they did not want to judge the behavior of their rival, as the Spanish demonstrates when she acknowledges that “now the level has risen a lot and That means you have to risk more,” when asked if Nasser always plays to the limit.

They focus on what is to come. “Really tomorrow (for today) is when everything is shared”, says Carlos, about the premiere of a season in which Laia highlights two rivals who start strong from the first moment: “It has been seen again that Loeb and Kristoffersson are still there like last year.” And about its evolution, they assure “that the car hasn’t changed too much and it won’t be until the next appointment when new shock absorbers are introduced” to really assess whether it has evolved in a positive way.

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work to do

Until then, It’s time to work “in the body to body” Laia admits, since with the new Saturday format (which has not been introduced in Arabia for safety reasons), this factor gains a lot of weight by losing the individual time trials and, therefore, speed. Although they return to the desert “this is completely different” to what they experienced in the Dakar and Carlos recognizes that the only thing that does not change is the luck factor: “It influences here the same that in all the races”.

What do you have to do now? “Start everything from scratch” says Laia and “work to reach the final and stand out there”, Sainz ends by adding about a couple that laughs, like the one Sainz outlines when knowing that at least they will not meet again with Nasser in the semifinal, is considered “young” and ensures that has “a lot to learn”. Even though they already trust “that we can do it well”.

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