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Sainz is a matter of days

Sainz is a matter of days

Carlos Sainz is the focus of attention in the Formula One paddock. He hasn’t signed with anyone, and everyone is waiting for his decision, with no contract binding him and all the negotiations already completed. He has had the opportunity to consider Williams’ offer, which has a value that has made him think carefully, and he has known about Audi’s project for months.

It won’t be an announcement made in Spain, on Monday or Tuesday, but soon enough when Sainz publicly reveals his destiny. The wait is almost unbearable.

Williams is known for its strong approach, relying on James Vowles’ reputation to convince Sainz to join them at almost any price. Sainz has already seen the modernized Grove and is impressed with the team’s potential for success, including a realistic chance of being in the top 10 in many races and competing for points. Moreover, he’s aware that Red Bull might struggle without Newey next year, which could open up an opportunity.

In a conversation with Spanish journalists, Sainz mentioned that 2025 will be as valuable as 2026, referring to the potential of the Williams team, not the upcoming project with Audi. He’s also spoken with Damon Hill, the penultimate world champion with Williams, to gain insight into the team’s current performance.

However, Williams’ development plan has been slowed down by accidents, forcing them to focus on one car and prioritizing Alex Albon. Their budget limitations have also limited their ability to upgrade their equipment and have spare parts readily available.


Audi, particularly its Spanish subsidiary, is eager to sign Sainz, offering a long contract, a good salary, and an official team with a strong brand. Audi’s offer includes a generous package with a long contract, a good salary, and a strong team.

Audi has already demonstrated its capabilities with its hybrid technology, which has seen them win at the Dakar Rally. They are fast and reliable, winning in everything they enter, including F1. Although they face budget constraints under F1’s budget cap, they are willing to make a strong offer to attract top engineers and secure their number one spot in a project like this.

“I will notify those affected by my decision, even if I haven’t been notified. I’m a good guy.” Sainz finishes by stating that he only needs a couple of days at home before making his big announcement.

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