It is an important mantra of the philosophy of the Sainz. You have to send messages. This is what the father has always said to the son in his escalation in Formula 1, and that is how he has applied it himself throughout his career. And that is what he is doing in this Dakar every time he can save the problems, send a message about what he is capable of doing with the Audi in the future if he can get such good performance in his first year, as soon as he was born in Germany. He did it again on Thursday winning the most difficult stage of the Dakar.

The motorcycle riders, who raced it before, ratified what the organization was selling, which was indeed the hardest day they could offer in this edition and Sainz faced her in the worst possible position, starting practically from the start. Although it was Peterhansel who started first, the Frenchman made a mistake in a complex navigation point at the beginning, and the Madrid native took the lead since then with all the longest and most difficult dunes of this Dakar in front of him. Of course, with the tracks of the motorcycles.

That was a help for Sainz for sure, because he was able to keep up at all times. This is how it was recorded by each ‘waypoint’ through which it passed and in which it marked the best time. From start to finish, in a flawless performance that left the next on the list, Loeb, two minutes away to add his second victory in the Dakar 2022. It is the fourth for the hybrid Audi that, once its youth problems had been resolved, has been overwhelming in the second week, winning three of the five stages contested.

Total attack, it was what they had left once they were discarded in the general, the same way in which Loeb has been for a few stages and with which he is managing to cut minutes to Al Attiyah. Of course, not as many as you would need. The Frenchman again surpassed the Qatari, but only scratched him a little over four minutes, just a scratch for the leader, who will face the final 160 kilometers with a 28 advantage and the tranquility that he has been allowing himself the last days. He only needs to give the finishing touch to win this Dakar, in the next he will have more competition. You must have gotten the message …


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