Sainz brushes victory

There has always been a lot of talk about victory and the goal is getting closer. Sainz had to see everything from the sidelines as a result of the fractured vertebrae that he dragged from the Dakar, but the trust that the man from Madrid placed in Ekstrom as his replacement at the wheel, has been rewarded with a second position in the opening race of the third season of Extreme E. Acciona aspired to something more or, to put it another way, to everything, after having been the best in the second group of a classification that reaffirmed the good functioning of the Swedish couple and Laia Sanz. But as is customary in this competition, dust sometimes plays tricks and in the final fight it complied with that rule giving Rosberg’s team the full advantage.

Kristoffersson and Kottulinsky they did not start as strong as usual, his performance was rather discreet in the first semifinal where he took the triumph of a team like Veloce Racing which has ended up being the revelation, but they hardly had a problem putting the attack mode where they like to show off the most: In race. The final fight was about five after a play-off where the Cupra overturned, losing all their options to start the course as they finished the previous one (with victory), and the last place was for Ganassi. The refished faced the four giants of the journey. Among them was also the Hamilton team with a Christina Gutierrez who defended the title with a new partner, but they couldn’t even complete a final that from the first meters seemed like a matter of one.

This was not the case from the start, as the RxR car formed a small train that was completed by the Veloce and Acciona car, but little by little the distances were extended… with a trick. Rosberg’s pair exceeded speed in a yellow flag zone and their victory was undone after receiving a 136-second penalty for breaking the rule. The triumph was inherited by Veloce and the second position fell into the hands of Laia and Ekstrom for Acciona due to a cumulus of time that Cristina Gutiérrez could not take advantage of since only the three teams that got on the podium finished the race. her partner, McConnell, suffered a mechanical problem that prevented him from having taken advantage of a penance towards his greatest rival, which would have left a better taste in his mouth at this premiere. But we must not forget that the season has only just begun.

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