Sainz and Alonso trigger the illusion

You can’t start better. And not by the time table, which places Carlos Sainz first and Fernando Alonso second, but by the sensations: since they touched the asphalt with the Ferrari and the Aston Martin, respectively, the two Spaniards were ahead. All their times placed them first provisional. In fact, until the last moment they were dividing up the first place at the expense of traffic, which ruined laps for both. In summary, both Sainz and Alonso arrive fully engaged at the Monaco GP with the hope that this afternoon and, above all, in qualifying on Saturday, optimism will turn into results. Hamilton was third, followed by Pérez and Leclerc.

Verstappen, sixth to almost eight tenths, spoke on the radio of problems at Red Bull, with a difficult configuration to drive on a circuit as specific as Monaco. They will review it. They have brought a very high-load wing that doesn’t have to respond. So far, cars with this configuration have not been seen throughout the season, and precisely Aston Martin had very high expectations for its performance in slow corners, Just as Ferrari relies on its one-lap pace to go out and win in Monte Carlo.

For the rest, Friday morning can be explained with improvements: new sidepods for Mercedes, suspension changes for Aston Martin, news on the Ferrari rear end… minor tweaks, except for Hamilton and Russell’s car (which seems , in any case, a car from 2022). It was a more or less clean first session, although with two red flags: the first due to a touch from Hulkenberg, which damaged a wheel; and the second, which ended the session, by accident by Albon.

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