The medical profession is supposed to respect the confidence of the patients, for whom the passage in the office is not necessarily easy. This was not the case for those of Nicolas Gonidec, elected from the city of Quimper (Finistère), whose trial was held Tuesday, October 12. He was sentenced by the Saint-Brieuc criminal court to three years in prison, including two years with a probationary suspension, as reported The Telegram and France 3 Brittany. Obsessed with women and their veins, he pretended to be a nurse without their knowledge.

In February 2021, a first article was published by our colleagues from the Telegram. It followed the prior acknowledgment of guilt by Nicolas Gonidec after a victim’s complaint. He had then admitted the facts and promised justice that he had not passed himself off as a nurse to other women. Several readers of the local Breton newspaper were however taken aback and contacted the gendarmerie in Rostrenen, in Finistère.

When summoned to court on October 12, the president of the court, Stéphanie Guéguan, described the “hallucinatory” facts of which this false nurse was guilty. His modus operandi was to locate his future victims – always women – to convince them that he was conducting a study on stress. After having attracted them in his nets, he subjected them to a protocol, filmed, including in particular blood tests and injections without injection. One of his victims underwent no less than nine blood tests: the vials were found by investigators during a search of the home of the accused.

He “never thought of causing such moral damage”

The psychiatrist expert who examined Nicolas Gonidec in April spotted a “gap between his speech and the seriousness of the facts”. He also noted that the defendant presented “narcissistic personality traits, a lack of empathy, a denial of otherness and a feeling of inauthenticity”. At the bar, the false nurse assured that he “never thought of causing such moral damage”.

“You are doing what the French Blood Establishment does not do!”, Reproached the president of the court to the false nurse. “You are endangering the health of these people, not to mention hygiene,” she pointed out. The judge also refuted the defendant’s defense that he was responding to irresistible impulses, in addition to being convinced that the false study he was conducting was very real. “All this is strategic: you harass them for months, until they feel obligated,” said the magistrate.

In addition to these facts qualified by the civil parties as “gloomy, absolutely disgusting, made possible by the legitimacy of the accused supported by his political, professional, cultural status”, Nicolas Gonidec was also guilty of sexual assault on the most young of his victims, a student. In addition to his three-year prison sentence including two probationary reprieve, the elected Quimper will be registered in the national file of sex offenders, will be deprived of his eligibility rights and will no longer have the right to perform any medical act.


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