Saif in Ta Ra Rum Pum: the princess of the queen has become a big girl, she surpasses everyone in glamor

The movie Ta Ra Rum Pum Movie Release Date by Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji was released in the year 2007. People also liked this movie very much. In this film, Ali Haji and Angelina Idnani were seen in the role of the children of Rani and Saif. In this movie, the name of Saif’s daughter (Saif Ali Khan Daughter) is Princess. This Rani and Saif film was released 14 years ago, now their daughter Angelina (Angelina Idnani) has grown up in the film.

In such a situation, seeing her latest photo (Angelina Idnani Latest Photo), it is not easy for fans to believe that it is the same girl. A photo of Angelina Idnani (Angelina Idnani Viral Photo) is becoming more and more viral on social media social. See which people look enraged. Very few people would know that 500 girls had auditioned for this role, but Angelina Idnani was selected for it. In the latest photo of Angelina Idnani that is going viral on social media, she is seen wearing a one shoulder dress.

This photo has been shared on the Angelina Idnani Fan Page. Angelina looks very glamorous and hot in the photo. The way she sees Mohtarma posing in the photo. Seeing him, she looks to the fans convinced of him. Commenting on this photo of Angelina Idnani (Angelina Idnani Photo), a user wrote – You have become very big. Then another user wrote there – Very beautiful as always. People loved Angelina’s performance in Ta Ra Rum Pum. However, after that she did not appear in any movies.

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