Saif Ali Khan had said this about Kareena Kapoor’s family, you may also be surprised to know

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor got married in 2012. It was a huge Indian wedding spending millions of rupees. Discussions about this marriage are very current, as this couple is the most beloved couple in Bollywood. But Saif Ali Khan, who came to The Kapil Sharma Show, had such a thing to say about his marriage that you might be surprised to hear as well. Especially about the Kapoor family.

Saif Ali Khan arrived with Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam to promote Bhoot Police on The Kapil Sharma Show. At that time, the talk that started about Yami Gautam’s marriage came to the topic of Big Fat Indian Wedding. At the time, Saif Ali Khan said that both he and Kareena wanted only family members to be in their marriage. And he didn’t want to spend a lot on the wedding. But the Kapoor family is 200 people, so they had to spend reluctantly. Hearing this, everyone present began to laugh. At the same time, Saif not only stopped, but also said that he has 4 children and that he is very afraid of this.

Saif Ali Khan had also given this reason why he is afraid of having 4 children. Saif Ali Khan said that the way the wedding expenses are increasing a lot. So they get very scared because they have 4 or 4 children (Sara Ali Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Taimur and Jeh). Well, we know very well how funny Saif Ali Khan is, even if it’s about himself. He does not refrain from joking about himself.

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