Sage Luxe Color Collection: 3 Perfect Products for Any Home

Our home is the perfect setting for the new range of products and appliances from Sage Appliances focused on quality construction and captivating colors with the Luxe Color Collection. The best of all? Now you can also buy them on Amazon.

These are some of the best products for the home, especially for the kitchen and for those who value (and seek) the best that is on the market in 2023. So, in addition to the competition in their respective functions, now we have an explosion of color and refinement in these products.

Sage launches the Luxe Color collection in Portugal

The Luxe Color collection is the latest Sage Appliances collection to arrive in Portugal. Thus, in addition to brushed metal, we have Blue, red and white are the three new colors that Sage brings to Portuguese kitchens.

Now, if choosing the color of the kitchen can be a difficult task, finding matching appliances can be even more complicated. That said, to give you more options to choose from, Sage Appliances, the leader in smart kitchen appliances, is introducing three new colors across a selection of products.

Sage Luxe Collection

In Portugal, the shades are available on Barista Expres Impress, Toast Select Luxe and Soft Top Luxe appliances.

In summary, the new shades of blue, red and white are now available, joining existing ones such as Truffle Black, Brushed Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel. Below you can find some of the products with the new colors.

The interior design process is complex and consists of several stages, from the ideation phase to the execution of the desired final design. However, there are several elements that influence the interior architecture of a space.

Among these factors, color is considered one of the fundamental aspects that contribute to design quality.

Blue Damson Blue with the Sage Barista Express Impress coffee maker

Sage Barista Express Impress Coffee Machine

Guy: Manual coffee maker with grinder
Pressure: 15 bars
Power: 2400W
Windmill: Yeah
reservoir: 2 liters of water

Inspired by the Damson plum hue, which gave this version its name. In addition, dark blue transmits trust and fidelity, making your guests feel at home. This is the premise of the new tone.

The best manual espresso coffee maker with a grinder currently on the market now has this new shade also available on the official website and store for Portugal.

Red Red Velvet Cake with Sage Appliances the Soft Top Luxe Kettle

Sage appliances, the luxury top

Ability: 1.7 liters
Power: 2400kg
Weight: 1.6kg
Construction: Stainless steel

The new shade of red, inspired by the famous Red Velvet pastel, is truly captivating. It should be noted that this is a version that leaves no one indifferent. Bold and irreverent, this color is perfect for those who like a little seduction in the kitchen.

White: Sea Salt with Sage Toast Select Luxe Toaster

Sage Toast Select Luxe Toaster

Power: 1000W
Weight: 2.3kg
Operation: adjustable in 6 programs
Construction: stainless steel

Like salt, white symbolizes purity, available for products from various brands like this toaster premiumas well as the coffee and tea maker.

The hue represents lightness and simplicity are also associated with this color. Therefore, for a kitchen to transmit all this, the Sea Salt version is the most appropriate.

In short, the new versions of Barista Express Impress (€829.90), Soft Top Luxe and Toast Select Luxe (€139.90 each) are now available for purchase in Portugal.

By the way, if you choose Amazon (branch in Spain), this store allows you to return the product up to 30 days from the date of purchase (invoice date). That is, you have a long period to essentially test these good Xiaomi devices.

Finally, if you need more information, safely. Please note, however, that the available stock may run out, so we recommend that you purchase the product as soon as possible.

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