Peter Sagan wanted to open up about the episode he lived through last April, when he pushed a policeman after he stopped him and his brother Juraj for skipping the curfew in Monaco, and for which the Slovakian cyclist has been forced to pay a fine of 5,000 euros.

Sagan, who apologized for what happened on social networks after knowing the amount of the fine, attended Cyclingnews to reveal more details of what happened that night and to justify why the curfew had been broken.

The Slovak states that the main reason why this restriction was skipped was because he had to return home, since his location is registered there in case of being subjected to an anti-doping control. “I was at my ex-wife’s apartment to put my son to bed, I had a couple of glasses of wine and then I decided to go back to my apartment even though curfew had started. I needed to go home because it was my address for doping controls “.

Sagan also admits that he was upset when the police asked him to accompany him to the hospital to undergo a drug test, something the cyclist did not understand. “We traveled 500 meters between the two apartments on an electric motorcycle driven by my brother Juraj. We weren’t in a car and they didn’t do a breathalyzer test. But the police wanted to take me to the hospital to take a drug test, something I didn’t understand. That’s why I got angry and why I pushed the policeman. I am very sorry for this incident “

In addition, Sagan confirmed that, despite the fact that his lawyers justified that the reason that produced the push was that they forced him to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, He is not against vaccination, since he passed the virus in February of last year and was vaccinated last summer to have the complete schedule.


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