Home Entertainment Safa Kabir does not know Shahriar Kabir!

Safa Kabir does not know Shahriar Kabir!

Safa Kabir does not know Shahriar Kabir!

Actress Safa Kabir does not know famous fiction writer Shahriar Kabir. He said this in a Facebook Live.

Shahriar Kabir is also the president of Khatak Dalal Nirmul Committee. Shahriar Kabir has numerous popular juvenile novels.

Among which a movie is being made from Nulia Chari’s juvenile novel called Sonar Pahar a few days ago. Where Mithila and Eamon are acting.

Also, novels like Storm in Birchabane, Conspiracy in Royal Palace, Black Rose of Carpathian, Mystery of Hanabari, Black Shadow of Ratneswari, Love for Anike, Devil of Lusai Hill, Mysterious Castle of Bavaria, Mystery of Patharia Mine, Adventures of Abu, Nicholas Rosario’s Sons, etc. .

Bangla Academy awarded writer Shahriar Kabir has also written numerous novels and essays on the liberation war like ‘Ekattarer Jesusu’.

Safa Kabir came on Live and introduced his family and said, ‘My father’s name is Humayun Kabir Sabuj. I am not Shahriar Kabir’s daughter. Due to respect I don’t know Shahriar Kabir.’

Shawon Mahmud, the daughter of Shaheed Altaf Mahmud, has expressed her anger that Shahriar Kabir does not know Shahriar Kabir even though she is a first class actress of the country’s television and came on Facebook Live to say so.

Recently, the hanging body of Shahriar Kabir’s daughter Arpita Shahriar Kabir Mumu was recovered. Along with this incident, an online portal of the country mentions the name of Safa Kabir as Shahriar Kabir’s daughter. Confusion soon ensued and spread through social media.

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