Sadiq and Robertone triumph in Girona and make Almería leader

Almería is the new leader of the Second Division and it does it thanks to a Sadiq untied. He dislodged and unhinged, with a goal and an assist, a Girona that made waters in defense and ended up kissing the canvas. Rubi’s, which add their third win in a row, present their candidacy for promotion to the First Division. On the contrary, Girona takes a step back in its aspirations and becomes aware that it there is room for improvement and glued to deal face to face with the cockerels of the category.

Of course, the rojiblancos appeared on the scene ready to bewitch Almería with long possessions of the ball and with a Ramón Terrats unleashed appearing from the second row. The medium was the most vertical and electric player of a rojiblanco team that managed to contain Sadiq at the start . The forward ran into Bernardo and Juanpe. Of course, the forward is going through a moment in excellent form and it takes very little to create danger. And the demonstration was seen in the 20th minute when, in an action that was manufactured inside the area, he placed the ball in the small area and Stuani scored in his own goal. The VAR gave wings to Girona then because it annulled the goal for offside the puntto. The scare spurred the Girona people a bit more and, in 24 ‘Sarmiento enjoyed a good chance to make it 1-0, but ran into Fernando. The first half was entertaining and the finishing touch was put by Portillo with a good shot from within the area to which Juan Carlos responded in an unbeatable way.

After the break, Rubi’s message seemed to penetrate his players better than Michel’s and Almería hung up on Girona. Sadiq emerged and in 49 ‘he warned and in 52’ he killed. One touch was enough to score after a collective action and to punish Bernardo’s mistake in the ball out. The 0-1 left Girona on the canvas and for a few minutes they suffered, a lot. Michel then moved token and gave entry to Samu Saiz and it seemed to be the ideal key. Because the block began to believe itself capable of equalizing the duel and, in the 62nd minute, the award arrived. After a foul served by Aleix García, Arnau Martínez put the ball at the far post and there Bernardo picked it up to make it 1-1. The duel then entered a phase of exchange of blows and Almería once again punished the lack of forcefulness behind the rojiblanca. Sadiq left Robertone before Juan Carlos and with an unstoppable shot made it 1-2. In the last 15 minutes, Girona was a want and I can’t. Bustos had a great chance in 81 ‘, but was unsuccessful. And so it was impossible to add against a more attractive and punchy Almería.


Samuel Saiz (53 ‘, Darío Sarmiento), Nahuel Bustos (75 ‘, Borja García), Ibrahima Kebe (75 ‘, Ramón Terrats), Jose Carlos (78 ‘, Portillo), Juanjo (78 ‘, Well), Curro (79 ‘, Ramazani), Valery Fernandez (82 ‘, Arnau Martinez), Akieme (84 ‘, Álex Centelles), Dyego sousa (88 ‘, Sadiq)


0-1, 51 ‘: Sadiq, 1-1, 61 ‘: Bernard, 1-2, 67 ‘: Lucas Robertone


Referee: Juan Luis Pulido Santana
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Sadiq (33 ‘, Yellow) Bernard (39 ‘, Yellow) Alex Centelles (70 ‘, Yellow) Alex Baena (74 ‘, Yellow) Lucas Robertone (86 ‘, Yellow

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