Sacrifice of a goat in Modi’s India has also become a crime? The video went viral

Residents of a housing complex in India objected to a man bringing a goat for sacrifice.

According to Indian media reports, a person took a goat for sacrifice in the housing complex of the district, which was objected to by the local residents.

On receiving the information about this incident that happened last few days, the police reached the housing society located in Bayander area and talked to the residents and convinced them.

In the video, it can be seen that some people are shouting and stopping the man from taking the goat to his house.

Police said the man gives advance notice to bring home the goat every year before Eid because he has no other place to keep it.

The next day the man takes the goat and does not sacrifice it at his house.” The man was now asked to take the goat away from the house in the presence of the police. No formal complaint or case has been registered in this regard.”

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