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sacrifice Memphis and Dembélé to win it all in 2023

Mateu Alemany is very clear about the plan to follow in the coming windows

The FC Barcelona 2023 It is a project that you have in your hands Mateu Germany with a very clear objective: to return to being that feared team in Europe that for several years has become a toy for the greats. For this, it is necessary to make important sacrifices, give many starts and sign differential players.

From the outset, there are two footballers who will leave the team yes or yes. One in January and another in summer, as long as there are good offers for them. We talk about Ousmane Dembele and of Memphis Depay. The reasons with both are different, but after all both are placed in the starting square.

FC Barcelona 2023
Xavi is excited about the new Barcelona

Dembele and Memphis out

The case of Ousmane Dembélé is the one that can shock the most. An absolutely differential player when he has the day, but a burden when he doesn’t. He has overcome the problem of injuries, he is young and has a market. You can get a minimum between 50-70 million for the sale of it.

Memphis Depay has many more problems than Dembélé. Because the Dutchman gives the feeling of having been erased to be at the top of the World Cup in Qatar. An attitude that has not liked anything in the locker room. As if that were not enough, his competition is Robert Lewandowski, so the best thing for everyone is an exit. With these two sales and the announced departures of Piqué and Busquets, there will be salary space to face heavyweight signings.

An FC Barcelona 2023 that scares

The two star targets for FC Barcelona 2023 are Leo Messi and Bernardo Silva. Apart from these two world stars, a right back, a center back and a substitute forward will arrive. The 9 of the future that Alemany wants is Moukoko, the great sensation of Borussia Dortmund.

It is intended to pay Arnau Martínez’s clause to Girona and Iñigo Martínez would also arrive as a free agent. In addition, Mateu Alemany will do everything possible to convince Frenkie de Jong to adapt his contract to the new times, with the idea that he stays. The FC Barcelona 2023, promises a lot.

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