Sabotage at the Vuelta 2023 endangers the safety of cyclists

The Catalan stage was a big problem due to the tacks on the road

The Return 2023, one of the most anticipated cycling events of the year, an unprecedented incident occurred on its Catalan stage. What promised to be a day of rain and cyclist skill turned into a series of adversities that tested the resilience and sportsmanship of the participants.

Incidents on the highway

The 180-kilometer stage between Mataró and Barcelona already presented challenges due to the bad weather. The rain, which has been a constant, has led to several crashes along the route. The real obstacle, however, was an act of sabotage.

Rivets with thumbtacks They were found at various points along the road and resulted in numerous punctures on cyclists’ wheels. Despite the advanced technology of the wheels used by these pros, designed to prevent precisely these incidents, many were forced to switch bikes in the heat of competition.

Search for answers

The organization of the Vuelta, through its profile on the X platform, confirmed the occurrence of “numerous punctures” during the stage. So far, however, an exact number of the cyclists affected has not been given, nor has an official statement been made about the incident.

For his part the Mossos d’Esquadra They have launched an investigation to determine whether this is an organized act of sabotage and, if so, to identify those responsible. So far, no organization or individual has taken responsibility for the action.

Current background

In an unexpected twist, and while no direct link could be established, it’s worth noting that the Spanish police made an arrest four independentists in Solsonès the day before. These people are accused of planning a boycott during the third stage of the Vuelta en Catalunya. It is still being determined whether there is a connection between these arrests and the incidents on the motorway.

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The tour continues

Despite the challenges, the 2023 Vuelta continues its course through Catalonia. After the team time trial in Barcelona and the stage between Mataró and Barcelona, ​​the cyclists have two more days to go, which will take them from Andorra to Tarragona. During these days, the Mossos d’Esquadra will be in charge of supervising the race to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

Final thought

At its core, sport is a celebration of commitment, effort and the human spirit. Incidents like the one at the Vuelta 2023 remind us how important it is to preserve and respect these values. It is important that authorities take appropriate measures to ensure events of this magnitude take place in a safe and fair environment for all.

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