Did Ryanair blacklist passengers who requested a refund during the Covid-19 pandemic? According to a survey by the British site MoneySavingExpert (MSE), several dozen passengers claim to have been refused the possibility of traveling with the Irish airline, because they had asked to be reimbursed for a flight in the midst of a health crisis. To be able to take back a Ryanair plane, the company would have asked them to return the sum.

Three travelers, who had preferred to cancel their flights, on the advice of the British authorities, were claimed from 400 to 630 pounds (from 471 to 743 euros) by Ryanair to be able to fly again. These passengers were able to book the flights on the site without any problems, but it was during check-in that they discovered the carrier’s requirements. “This is absolutely scandalous behavior on the part of Ryanair. Letting them book their holidays and only telling them the news at the last minute shows a lack of consideration”, denounces Guy Anker, deputy editor of MSE .

Several dozen such testimonials have been discovered through various forums by MoneySavingExpert (MSE). To be reimbursed for their flights during the pandemic, these travelers, forced to give up their trips due to government measures, had gone through their credit card services, the company refusing to comply with their request.

Last May, MSE already evoked a rumor of a blacklist of passengers who requested a refund from their bank card issuer. Information that Ryanair had denied. Several months later, it seems that this rumor is founded. A spokesperson for the Irish airline also recalled that “Ryanair flights which operate as scheduled are not refundable, this is clearly indicated in the general conditions accepted by the customer at the time of booking. They state that we may deny your boarding if you owe us money for a previous flight due to a declined or re-billed payment to us. “


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