Ryan Gosling would love to play Ghost Rider!

Thanks to his nomination, he is in full swing Oscars For Barbie from Greta Gerwig, Ryan Gosling is already looking into the future. If the 43-year-old actor has been one of the sure losers for many years from Hollywoodone might expect it to end up in a cinematic universe Wonder has lost momentum since then Avengers: Endgame. For many months, various insiders have been formulating hypotheses about the arrival of gosling in the MCU. Whether for the role of Mr. Fantastic when restarting Matt Shackman or the role of nova, Americans are spreading dangerous rumors here and there. He was also once linked to the role of Post For Lightningbefore the studio is sweet Kevin Fig finally applies Steven Yeun. A choice that delighted fans Wonder until the main party decides to leave the company.

An American insider named Josh Horowitz threw a stone into the pond. Given the recent rumors about a postponement of his arrival nova On the carpet, the journalist explained that he had already had this conversation in the past Ryan Gosling who denied everything: “Ryan and I discussed the rumors about Nova yesterday, which he says are not true.”tweeted Horowitz by the time. And here's what he would have added – Information to be taken with caution:

“BUT this morning Ryan contacted me and said he wanted to play a superhero… GHOST RIDER,” Horowitz added.

Wonder has never spoken about the Biker of Darkness, but his return could have seen a remarkable change in the universe Illuminati For Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (just like Balder The Brave), before this route was abandoned. We must now wait for confirmation from the main party currently preoccupied with the Barbie controversy.

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