Ruto elected president of Kenya, Electoral Commission rejects results

The chairman of the Kenya Electoral Commission on Monday declared William Ruto the winner of the presidential election against Raila Odinga, after six days of waiting and the rejection of the results by part of this independent body.

Wafula Chebukati announced that incumbent Vice President Ruto had amassed more than 7.17 million votes, or 50.49% of the vote, against 6.94 million, or 48.85% for Odinga, winning one of the most steeped in the country’s history.

The rejected results

Four of the seven members of the Electoral Commission rejected the results of the presidential election, announced at a press conference the vice-president of this independent body under intense pressure after six days of waiting.

“Because of the opaque nature of the process (…) we cannot take responsibility for the results which are going to be announced”, declared, calling on the Kenyans to “calm”, Vice-President Juliana Cherera, surrounded by three other commissioners.

“The rule of law will prevail”

“People can go to court and for this reason we are calling on Kenyans to be peaceful because the rule of law will prevail,” she added as tension mounted and scuffles broke out in the center where the Commission ( IEBC) manages the results.

By midday, the Electoral Commission’s national counting center in Nairobi, on which the eyes of the whole country are riveted, was filled with party representatives, observers and diplomats, who waited for the announcement for several hours, entertained by choirs, under heavy police surveillance.

On August 9, 22.1 million voters were called to ballot to appoint their fifth president. The IEBC has until Tuesday evening to announce the results of this very close vote between the two favorites Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

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Ruto wants to work “with all the leaders”

President-elect William Ruto promised, in a speech delivered just after the announcement of his victory over his competitor Raila Odinga, to work with “all leaders”.

“I will work with all the political leaders, in a country” transparent, open and democratic “, assured the outgoing vice-president, declared winner by the president of the Electoral Commission with 50.49% of the votes against 48.85% for his rival.

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