Russia’s use of hypersonic missiles 5 times faster than sound against Ukraine

Kheedin is using hypersonic missiles, these missiles are 5 times faster than sound and it is impossible to hit them with any ground missile system.

According to international media reports, Russia has launched a Kunzal missile against Ukraine for the first time and for the first time in the history of a war. Hypersonic weapons These hypersonic missiles, like all conventional ballistic missiles, can travel at least five times the speed of sound, but are highly maneuverable and require less space travel, as they use radar. They remain undetected by detection systems and adjust flight altitude, making them difficult to intercept by a country’s missile defenses.

Hypersonic Missile

In this regard, Moscow says that Kunzal is the latest Russian-made air system in which hypersonic air ballistic missiles are installed. According to the Russian official news agency Tass, Russian MiG-31K and MiG-31I fighter jets had Kunzal hypersonic missiles. These radars have stealth and high tactical capability and were designed to target ground and naval targets.

According to media reports, Kunzal can reach speeds of up to ten times the speed of sound and can hit targets at a range of more than 2,000 km. The missile is capable of breaching defense systems. It can be armed with 500 kg conventional and nuclear warheads.

Kunzal missile is installed on the Russian warship

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army claims that it has shot down 34 cruise missiles and four Iranian-made Shahid drones.

After the Russian air strike, the installations are being extinguished

Ukraine’s military has also become adept at intercepting incoming missiles and drones, with preliminary data showing that a large proportion of the weapons used today were shot down, with more than 70 percent of cruise missiles downed and half of drones. According to Ukrainian military commander-in-chief Valery Zlozhny, another eight missiles were intercepted in what he described as “systematic countermeasures.”

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Keep in mind that since the attack on Ukraine on February 24 of last year, the Russian forces have launched these missiles several times. game-changing) effects.

It should be remembered that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed the use of these missiles in Ukraine several times in August last year and claimed that the Kunzal missile could neither be detected nor prevented.

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