Russia’s largest missile attack on Ukraine since the start of the war

Russia has rained missiles on the Ukrainian capital Kiev, this is being called the biggest missile attack against Kyiv since the beginning of the war.

According to the details, Russian missile attacks on the civilian facilities of Ukraine are continuing, more than 70 missiles have been fired at many cities including Kyiv, Ukraine’s strong resistance against Russia continues.

Ukraine destroyed 67 Russian missiles in the air under the air defense system, a residential building in Kharkiv was destroyed due to the fall of the missile, and the citizens are feared to be buried under the debris, rescue operations are ongoing in the area.

Russia is destroying Ukraine’s energy sector by bombing, Russian attacks destroyed Ukraine’s electricity grids, according to the Ukrainian state-owned energy company, after Russian missile attacks, the energy supply across the country has halved, several cities including Kharkiv Power supply is affected.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, electricity has been restored in half of the city in Kharkiv, while efforts are being made to restore electricity in other places, including Kyiv.

On the other hand, the European Union and France have expressed concern over the Russian attacks, describing them as barbaric, cruel and inhumane.

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