Russia’s attack could have serious consequences: Germany

Munich: Addressing the annual international security conference in Munich, Germany, the German chancellor warned that Russia would face immediate and severe sanctions in response to an attack on Ukraine.

The final session of the annual international security conference of the G7 foreign ministers in Munich discussed the severity of the crisis in Russia and Ukraine and the potential threats.

The security conference was chaired by German Foreign Minister Analina Beerbuk, and German Foreign Minister Analina Beerbuk called on Russia to return to the negotiating table.

Beerbok also stressed that since 2014, G7 and international organizations have provided more than 48 48 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Antonio Guterres said the Ukraine crisis was a “very complex threat to global security.”

The German chancellor said Russia would face “immediate and severe sanctions” if attacked, and that the gathering of Russian troops was an “unacceptable threat” to Ukraine.

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