Russia’s Arcturus submarine: Russia is building a 30,000-ton ‘lethal’ submarine;

Russia's Arcturus submarine - India TV Hindi News
Russia’s Arcturus submarine


  • This submarine looks like Germany’s Type-212CD submarine
  • The Russian Navy has been made the world’s longest submarine
  • This design has been launched at the Army 2022 Defense Expo

Russia’s Arcturus submarine: In Russia, the Moscow Submarine Design Bureau Rubin has made public a new design of a ballistic missile submarine. This design has been launched at the Army 2022 Defense Expo. It is named after a star Arcturus. This submarine has been designed in such a way that it will dodge a plane at first sight. Will pass in front of the enemy but will not even be able to know. According to experts, this is considered to be the best submarine of Russia so far. This submarine has been launched at a time when the war with Ukraine is going on and Russia has suffered a lot of economic loss.

Can an underwater vehicle be fitted in it?

This submarine looks like Germany’s Type-212CD submarine. It is also being built for Germany and Norway. The design of this submarine is derived from the British Dreadnought class ballistic missile submarine. The structure of this ship is such that it can dodge even active sonar. 12 nuclear ballistic missiles can be installed in this submarine. It has a tube in which underwater vehicles can also be fitted. Once fitted, the capability of the submarine increases to multi-role.

Russia will come out ahead

Recently, the Russian Navy has been made the world’s longest submarine. This submarine named Belgorod is equipped with nuclear torpedoes equivalent to a school bus. It is being told that this submarine can bring a radioactive tsunami to the sea. The submarine is 184 meters long. It is the largest submarine ever built in the last 30 years. The submarine, weighing 30,000 tonnes, is equipped with six 80-foot Poseidon nuclear torpedo drones with a nuclear payload of 100 megatons. Its weapons are so lethal that when they explode, sea water can rise up to 500 meters, which is enough to create a big wave. Russia is considered the most powerful country in the world in terms of submarine design and technology. It has the world’s most powerful nuclear submarine, known as the Typhoon. This submarine was designed for the purpose of answering America. As soon as the design of this ballistic missile submarine was revealed, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would advance modern weapons to fellow countries including Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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