Russian TV accuses Wagner boss of ‘going crazy’ for money

Russia’s state television accused this Sunday the head of the Wagner paramilitary company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, – who led a failed rebellion last month – of having gone mad after receiving millions of dollars of public money.

Prigozhin went crazy because of the large amounts of money,” Dmitri Kisiliov, one of the leading faces of the Kremlin’s media apparatus, said on his weekly show.

The feeling of believing that everything is allowed started a long time ago, from (Wagner’s) operations in Syria and in Africa,” he said, stating that this feeling was “reaffirmed” after the seizure of the Ukrainian towns of Soledar and Bakhmut by the Prigozhin mercenaries.

Kissiliov added that Prigozhin “believed that he could oppose the Russian Defense Ministry, the state and the president himself at the same time.”

The presenter said, without providing evidence, that Wagner received 858 billion rubles ($9.6 billion) of public money.

For Kisiliov, “one of the biggest factors” in the Wagner group coup is the Russian Defense Ministry’s refusal to extend the contracts signed with the Concord food company, which also belongs to Prigozhin.

The rebellion of fighters from the Wagner group on June 23 shook power in Russia, in full offensive in Ukraine.

For several hours, Wagner’s troops occupied a Russian army barracks in the city of Rostov and advanced hundreds of kilometers towards the capital Moscow.

The mutiny ended after 24 hours with an agreement for Prigozhin to leave the country and go to Belarus.


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