Russian President Putin’s important statement regarding America

Moscow: Russian President Putin says that America has attacked China’s sovereignty.

According to the details, Russian President Putin, while addressing the International Conference on Global Security on Tuesday, said that the US is trying to maintain its supremacy around the world.

He said that America attacked the sovereignty of China, America is also prolonging the Ukraine conflict, we had to conduct an operation in Ukraine to defend our citizens.

President Vladimir Putin said that destabilizing the world and causing chaos is part of the US policy.

In the speech, the Russian president blamed the US for stoking tensions in Asia, and said US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a “completely planned provocation”.

Addressing the Moscow Security Conference, Putin also criticized the AUKUS security agreement between Australia, Britain and the United States, which is a clear sign of Western efforts to create a NATO-style bloc in the Asia-Pacific region.

Commenting on Putin’s speech, Reuters news agency said that his statement is part of a narrative that Moscow is vigorously promoting, that Moscow is seeking to create a new global alliance against Western hegemony and neo-colonialism. trying to

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