Russian military operation against Ukraine: a historian specializing in Russia fears “Stalinist-style purges”

“This is all Stalinist-style propaganda”reacted Galia Ackerman, essayist, historian, specialist in Russia, after the Russian military operation against Ukraine. “What Putin is threatening (Ukraine) with is that once they overthrow the government, there will be Stalinist-style purges. This is what the Soviets have always done when they occupied countries like Eastern Europe.”

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This attack is not a surprise. “Everything was already clear last Monday” when Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of Donbass. “He said he would do everything to defend them and he also dropped a few sentences on the Kiev junta, the ‘denazification’, the punishment that awaits those who perpetrated acts of barbarism, plus the concentration of troops. So everything was already clear.”

“We must boycott this country”

We need the penalties “the most severe possible. We must perhaps stop having cultural and economic exchanges, we must boycott this country. It is only possible that, under fallacious pretexts, Putin seeks to destroy a country of 40 million inhabitants and which is located in the center of Europe”insisted Galia Ackerman.

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