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Russian Foreign Minister Accuses West at UN of “Grotesque” Russophobia

The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, accused the West this Saturday at the UN General Assembly of a "unprecedented russophobia", "grotesque" Y "rampant".

"Official Russophobia in the West is unprecedented, its scope is grotesque"said Lavrov, who accused the United States of taking "by an envoy of God on Earth" although without "no obligation"but with "the only sacred right to act with impunity whenever and wherever".

"They are not ashamed to say that they intend to inflict a military defeat on our country but also to destroy and fracture Russia."he added before a half-empty Assembly.

After Western leaders took to the UN rostrum to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Lavrov said they just want the whole world to become their "backyard"as advocated by the Monroe Doctrine in the 19th century, which declared that Latin America was under its sole sphere of influence.

The West, he said, has opted for the "confrontation" and no "there is a third option possible and no compromises"proclaiming themselves as the "Owners of the world" in which or "are you with us or against us".

He also defended the referendums that began on Friday in some parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia, ensuring that people claim the land. "where their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years"and accused the United States and Europe of "hysteria".

US President Joe Biden and other Western leaders have made it clear that they will never accept the results of such consultations, seeing them as an attempt to alter the country’s borders by force.

At a press conference, Lavrov said that "obviously, Russia will respect the expression of the will of these people who for many years have suffered the abuses of the neo-Nazis"as Moscow calls the government of President Volodimir Zelensky.

And he reiterated the wrongs committed by Ukraine, such as the ban on speaking Russian on its territory and regretted that the "insistence" of Moscow for the European Union to put an end to "discrimination" suffered by the Russians in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania "was heard".

"We are deeply convinced that our western neighbors have racist instincts towards Russia as a country and as a nation."he assured after accusing the European Union of becoming "an authoritarian, harsh and dictatorial entity".

Putin’s veiled threat to resort to nuclear weapons in the event of a threat from the "territorial integrity" Russia provoked widespread condemnation from the international community.

"We fear a doctrine on nuclear security that is a public document"Lavrov answered.



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