A Russian mountaineer has died on Mount Everest, authorities said on Sunday, the second death of the season on the “Roof of the World”.

The man, whose identity has not been specified, died on Saturday after falling ill while he was in the acclimatization phase in a camp at 6,553 meters below the summit.

“His body has been taken back to base camp and will be airlifted to Kathmandu as soon as the weather improves,” Bhisma Raj Dhungana, an official with Nepal’s tourism ministry, told AFP.

“Although the cause of death is not yet known, it could be due to complications related to altitude sickness,” he added.

This death was confirmed by Mingma Gelu Sherpa of the Seven Summits Treks operator who organized the expedition.

This is the second death recorded on the Nepalese side of Everest for the spring season which lasts from mid-April to late May.

A third of the dead on Everest are Nepalese guides and porters

In April, a Nepalese climber, Ngimi Tenji Sherpa, 38, died while climbing equipment. He was found seated, carrying his backpack.

About a third of the dead on Everest are Nepalese guides and porters, a figure which testifies to the risk incurred by the hundreds of climbers who dream of reaching the summit at 8,848 meters above sea level.

On average, five people perish each year on Everest. But in 2019, a total of eleven people died and for four of them the impressive traffic jams of that year were incriminated.

Eleven Nepalese climbers reached the summit on Saturday, the first of hundreds of climbers expected to climb the southern side of the world’s tallest mountain in the coming weeks.

Nepal only reopened its peaks to climbers last year after the 2020 season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The country has issued 316 climbing permits this season, including 17 for Russian mountaineers. More than 600 mountaineers are expected to set off on the route of Nepal’s southern slope, with most candidates for the ascent of Everest being accompanied by a Nepalese guide.


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