Russian attack on civilian areas of several Ukrainian cities

Kiev (BLAZETRENDS).- Six people have died this morning in the city of Uman, in central Ukraine, and another two have lost their lives in Dnipro (east) in a massive attack with Russian missiles that has hit civilian areas.

According to the military authority of the Cherkasy province, in which Uman is located, six people have died in this city as a result of the attack, which has hit a dozen buildings and completely destroyed another block of flats.

Nine other people are hospitalized and rescue efforts continue among the rubble.

In Dnipro, the city’s mayor Boris Filatov reported the death of a woman and her three-year-old son as a result of the Russian attack.

For its part, the military administration confirmed on its official Instagram channel that both died when their home was hit by an artifact, which also injured three other people.

The Ukrainian capital, kyiv, was also hit by several missiles with no victims known for the moment.

Zelensky condemns attacks against civilians in Uman and Dnipro

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky today condemned the Russian attack this morning with missiles and drones against several Ukrainian cities.

“Last night the enemy attacked Ukraine again with missiles and drones. The terrorists hit infrastructure and civilians, ”he said in his Telegram account Zelensky, who explained that ten apartment buildings were hit by the shelling in the city of Uman and also offered his condolences to the victims of Dnipro.

Zelensky called on the international community for “a fair response” to this Russian attack. “Every attack like this, every act of evil against our country and our people, brings the terrorist state closer to failure and to being punished and not the other way around as they think,” Zelensky declared.

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“We will not forget any crime, we will not let any invader evade his responsibility,” added the Ukrainian head of state, whose message was accompanied by photographs of several buildings burned down and partially destroyed by the Russian attack this morning.

The president also explained that the emergency services continue to work to rescue people from under the rubble in Uman. “There are still people trapped under the rubble,” Zelensky wrote.

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