Russia will send singers to the front lines to boost the morale of the soldiers

Russia decided to enlist the help of singers to boost the morale of its soldiers on the battlefield.

Russia says it will send singers to the front lines in Ukraine to boost the morale of troops on the battlefield.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced the formation of a “front-line creative brigade” that will include both singers and musicians.

According to Russian media, the creative brigade consists of professional artists who will be tasked with maintaining the psychological state of soldiers on the front line.

Due to massive casualties in the Ukraine war, weak leadership, pay problems, lack of equipment and ammunition, and lack of clarity on the objectives of the war, the Russian military is suffering from disillusionment. .

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the frontline fronts in Ukraine and checked the positions of Russian units, he also discussed the battlefield situation with Russian soldiers.

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, fierce clashes between Russian and Ukrainian troops are ongoing in Eastern Donbass.

Western intelligence officials say Russian attacks on the town are being led by the private military contractor Wagner Group, which Moscow hopes to use as a staging ground for attacks on the Ukrainian-held cities of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. will

Meanwhile, power has been restored in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, after Russia launched a wide-scale offensive Friday to destroy Ukraine’s electricity and water infrastructure.

Moscow fired 76 missiles on Friday that hit nine power supply stations and plunged much of the country into darkness.

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