Russia will act depending on Ukraine’s potential at the end of the offensive


“Everything will depend on the potential that exists when the so-called counteroffensive ends. That is the key,” he said when meeting with a group of war correspondents in the Kremlin.

Putin is considering “several plans”

Putin stressed that he is considering “several plans”, although he immediately assured that they are secret and that they will take into account “the catastrophic losses” that Kiev is suffering, which he estimated at more than 160 tanks and 360 armored vehicles since June 4.

“We will see what the situation is. And starting from it we will take the next steps, ”she noted in response to the question of whether Moscow is preparing its own offensive.

He insisted that Ukraine cannot forever count on weapons support from the West, to which kyiv has asked for more tanks, anti-missile batteries and also F-16 fighters.

The United States “appears as if it is not afraid of (an escalation). Instead, there are a lot of reasonable people out there who don’t want to take things to a Third World War, in which there will be no victors, including the US,” he said.

And he assured that the Leopard 2 tanks supplied by European countries and the American Bradley armored vehicles “burn wonderfully”.

The Russian army lacks precision ammunition

He also acknowledged that despite the rearmament that began eight years ago, the Russian army lacks precision ammunition, communications equipment and drones.

“During the special military operation it became clear that there were many things missing (…) We must produce different drones, offensive and spy. But this takes time, ”he said.

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