Russia warns: it is “better” to split Ukraine than a world war


“A quiet partition is better than Ukraine in NATO or a world war,” said Medvedev, Russia’s president between 2008 and 2012, in an address to participants in the “Znanie” (Knowledge) marathon.

According to the former president, Poland, Hungary and Romania “have been dreaming for decades” of taking over the western regions of Ukraine.

“The world is sick, it is on the threshold of a new world war. Is this unavoidable? No, it is not”, said Medvedev, for whom in the last 30 years a war was avoided, which “came anyway”.

An “imposed” war

“Despite the fact that we did not want it, they imposed a war on us, which in essence is a consequence of the disintegration of the USSR, on the one hand, and of a hybrid form of civil war in which different parts of a single people clashed, on the other. another,” said the former president.

Medvedev has reiterated that the military campaign in Ukraine is “a response to the endless expansion of NATO.”
“Our adversaries only understand the language of force. They don’t want to hear anything, they don’t want to understand anything except the language of force, ”he insisted.

The Russian leader has denounced that in Ukraine Russia is not confronting the Ukrainian Army but the entire Atlantic bloc:
“We are forced to fight against all of NATO… It is a very, very complex task, and for this reason we have to do everything to win this war. I am convinced that all the objectives of the special operation (in Ukraine) will be achieved.”

Nuclear weapons

In addition, the former president has warned that Russia’s potential adversaries should not underestimate it when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons, which can be used in the event of a threat to the existence of the state.

“Our adversaries must not underestimate this. Because the words that say ‘the Russians will never do it’ or, on the contrary, ‘the Russians always threaten us with nuclear weapons, are worthless’, he has stated.

According to Medvedev, “if you have that weapon, you have to be prepared so that in certain circumstances your hand does not tremble to use it.”

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