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Russia Ukraine War


  • 19 year old girl was raped
  • Many Russian nationals are taking refuge in Gulf countries to escape international sanctions.
  • Refugee camps in Poland being targeted by unknown people

Russia Ukraine WarThe war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on, so far thousands of people have died in this war. Millions of people have become homeless in this country. The people of Ukraine are forced to spend their life nights on the streets. Meanwhile, a disturbing news is coming out. Defense experts have warned that Ukrainian women and children are being trafficked to the UAE for prostitution. Let us tell you that since the invasion of Russia in February, millions of people have left their homes and settled elsewhere and have become refugees in many other countries. In such a situation, the concern of smuggling of refugees has increased.

According to a report, refugee camps in Poland are being targeted by unknown people. It is being said that children are being banished from the camps. Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky fears nearly two million children have gone missing in the past five months. A new report from the Washington Institute for Defense and Security and the New York Center for Foreign Policy Affairs has revealed that missing women and children have been trafficked to the United Arab Emirates.


Is smuggling going on for Russian people

Many Russian nationals are taking refuge in Gulf countries to escape international sanctions. The UAE needs people who know Russian. Let us tell you that the case of human trafficking in the UAE is not new. A report in Daily Mail said that migrant workers are being abused. The main focus is on the role of the United Arab Emirates and Eastern European countries as more centers of human trafficking. Women and children have been targeted since the beginning of the war


The UN had already warned

Due to the war between the two countries, people started going as refugees to the neighboring countries, it started to threaten and terrify. There were some such cases in the media which were quite shocking. Police in Poland arrested a man who raped a 19-year-old girl who had fled from Ukraine. There have been many cases in this country in which unknown people had promised to get a house and a job to live in. Ukrainian women are being smuggled to other countries with similar lures.

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