Russia Ukraine War News: The war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, Putin got a big success, captured this city

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Russia Ukraine War News: The war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified. Meanwhile, the Russian army has got great success. Putin’s army has completely occupied Severodonetsk. This information was given by the mayor of the city of Eastern Ukraine. The occupation by Russia after several weeks of fighting is nothing less than a setback for Ukraine. Russian missiles targeted the western, northern and southern regions of Ukraine.

This war between Russia and Ukraine has reached the fifth month. It is believed to be the biggest war since the Second World War. In this, both the countries have suffered heavy losses so far. But despite this, Ukraine is not ready to kneel, while Russia is also not backing down. The city of Severodonetsk, once home to 100,000 people, has now been turned into rubble by Putin’s army. This is a major victory for Putin in the war since the capture of Mariupol last month.

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Will Russia slow down military operations?

The city’s mayor, Alexander Styuk, said: ‘The city is now completely under Russian occupation.’ He said that anyone left behind can no longer enter Ukrainian-held territory because the city is completely cut off. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said a Ukrainian attempt to make the city’s Azot chemical plant another center of resistance had failed.

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After the Ukrainian cities of Mariupol and Severodonetsk, Putin’s army is moving forward with the intention of capturing other cities of Ukraine. The Russian army is considering the capture of Severodonetsk as a great success. The success of this city has come down from 10 lakhs to only 10 thousand. The migration phase is underway. People are leaving the city.

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