Russia-Ukraine tensions: Russian bombers flew over Belarus

Russian Fighter Aircraft- India TV Hindi
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Russian Fighter Aircraft

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  • Russian Tu-22M3 bombers practiced for four hours
  • Planes took off several times while patrolling Ukraine’s neighboring Belarus

Moscow. The threat of an attack on Ukraine by Russia has increased. Russian bombers have taken off over Belarus. Belarus shares border with Ukraine. Here Russia has already deposited 1 lakh soldiers here. Russia on Saturday sent long-range nuclear-rich bombers on patrol to its ally Belarus, amid escalating tensions with Ukraine. Russia’s defense ministry said two Tu-22M3 bombers conducted drills with Belarus’ air force and air defense during a four-hour operation. In this, the planes took off several times while patrolling in Belarus. Belarus is bordered by the north of Ukraine.

This mission was carried out at a time when the Kremlin has sent its troops from Siberia and the Far Eastern region to Belarus. With this deployment, Russia’s military presence near Ukraine has increased, increasing the possibility of Russia attacking Ukraine. On the other hand, America is deploying troops in Europe for the security of NATO countries. According to the NATO organization, the US has also sent its 6 fighter aircraft to increase the security of NATO countries. According to NATO, the US has sent these fighter jets under the air policing mission of the Baltic countries. The US and the Belgian Air Force together have increased their security activities in this area for the security of Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Explain that the purpose of deployment of US Air Force aircraft is to protect the security and sovereignty of NATO countries. Because Russia has stationed more than 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, it threatens the security of NATO countries in Eastern Europe. This is the reason why America is also increasing its military activities in Europe. US President Joe Biden is sending about 2,000 troops to Poland and Germany, showing American loyalty to his allies on the eastern side of NATO, amid fears of a Russian military attack on Ukraine as well as sending fighter aircraft. 1000 soldiers from Germany are also reaching Romania.

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