Russia Ukraine News: White House accuses Russia of cyber attacks on Ukraine

Joe Biden, President, USA- India TV Hindi
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Joe Biden, President, USA


  • These revelations increased the already ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine.
  • fears that Russia is preparing for more devastating attacks

Washington. The White House has blamed Russia for recent cyber attacks targeting Ukraine’s defense ministry and a major bank. White House Chief Cyber ​​Officer Anne Neuberger has blamed Russia for the cyber attacks and the revelations have added to the already ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The cyber official said this week’s attack had a “limited impact” as Ukrainian authorities quickly regained control of the situation and restored the network, but there are fears they are preparing for more devastating attacks.

He said that the US has promptly blamed Russia for these attacks because these behaviors need to be stopped quickly. According to the cyber official, there is no intelligence indication that there will be cyber attacks on America.

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US President Joe Biden on Friday said with confidence that he is “sure” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine in the near future. Biden has said he has “reason to believe” that this will happen in the “coming days” and that there will be attacks on the capital Kiev. Earlier, the US had been consistently saying that it could not say with certainty that Putin had made the final decision to launch a large-scale attack.

Will impose strict economic sanctions on Russia if attacked: Biden

Biden said the assessment has changed. He referred to America’s “significant intelligence capability” for this assessment and said: “At this moment I am sure they have made a decision.” We have reason to believe that. Biden reiterated his warning of tough economic and diplomatic sanctions on Russia in the event of an attack and called for a rethink on his decision. He said the United States and its Western allies are more united than ever to ensure that Russia pays the price for aggression.

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