Russia-Ukraine News: Ukraine shuts down airspace, the sound of explosions being heard in the capital Kiev

Russia Ukraine War News- India TV Hindi
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Russia Ukraine War News


  • The sound of explosions can be heard in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announces ‘military operation’ in Ukraine
  • Sensing danger, Ukraine has closed the airspace

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared war on Ukraine. Putin said that the Russian army will conduct military operations in Ukraine and has also asked the Ukrainian army to lay down its arms. Meanwhile, Ukraine has also closed its airspace and no aircraft will be allowed to fly over Ukraine. Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had said that he is fully capable of countering Russia.

With the announcement of Russia, Ukraine changed the whole situation. First the airspace has been closed. Oil prices have also fallen to around $100. Meanwhile, most of the movement is visible in Ukraine. The President of Russia said, if any country tries to stop us, its consequences will be very serious. The sound of explosions is also being heard in many places in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

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Ukraine is getting constant support from America. The biggest news of the moment is coming from Ukraine. People are leaving the country from other parts including Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The US representative to the UN has said that we will continue to respond to Russia’s actions with unity. We have come here to ask Russia to stop, to return to our border, to send the troops back to the barracks. Bring your diplomats to the negotiating table. Russia has literally violated the sovereignty of Ukraine.

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