Russia Ukraine News: Russia’s defense budget is 10 times more, know where Ukraine stands in military strength

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Russian Weapons

Russia Ukraine News: A war has broken out between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has launched an air and missile attack on Ukraine. In retaliation, Ukraine has also claimed to have shot down 5 Russian fighter jets and 1 chopper. Russian forces have entered Ukraine via Belarus. Know who is powerful in Russia and Ukraine?

Russia’s defense spending is 10 times more than that of Ukraine

Russia has one of the most powerful armies in the world. Russia is in the top-5 countries of the world in terms of military expenditure. In 2020, Russia spent $61.7 billion on defense. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Ukraine spent $5.9 billion on its military. That is, Ukraine spent 10 times less on defense than Russia. Not only this, there is no competition between Russia and Ukraine in the matter of all the three armies. According to Global Fire Power, Russia has more than 3 million soldiers, of which 1 million are active soldiers. At the same time, Ukraine has 11.55 lakh soldiers, out of which 2.55 lakh are active. Where Russia has more than 1500 fighter aircraft, Ukraine has only 67 fighter aircraft.

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What is the dispute between Russia and Ukraine?

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time. Actually, Ukraine wants to join NATO, but Russia does not want to do so. Russia feels that if Ukraine joins NATO, then NATO soldiers and bases will come and stand near its border. However, NATO had assured that this would not happen. However, Russia has now attacked Ukraine. President Putin announced military action on Ukraine, and after that the war got worse.

Russia has weapons of destruction

Russia has the ability to remotely destroy Ukrainian military units with weapons such as the Iskander ballistic missile, according to a statement by former US Marine and Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow Rob Lee. Russia has so many modern weapons that it has the capacity to inflict thousands of casualties in a day.

Russian army more powerful than before

According to a British report, Russia’s military strength is at its highest level since the Cold War. The report said that Russia’s military is more capable than ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Its nuclear weapons and air force are particularly strong. According to the Global Firepower Countries Index 2022, Russia has been ranked second in terms of military strength among more than 140 countries included in this index.

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A report by the British think-tank states that Russia fought against Chechnya in the 1990s and the Georgia campaign in 2008 that exposed deficiencies in Russia’s ‘equipment and training’ and that Russia tried to address these shortcomings. Tried hard. Moscow has upgraded its nuclear equipment and is looking to develop new hypersonic and underwater missiles.

How is Russia’s military structure?

The Russian Armed Forces are organized into three services and two major independent commands or branches. There are Ground Force, Aerospace Force and Navy. The two independent commands are the Strategic Rocket Force and the Airborne Force also known as the VDV. Russia has significantly modernized its ground forces over the past decade, especially its artillery.

55% of ground force soldiers do not take a day’s leave

The strength of the Ground Force is said to be 280,000, of which 55 per cent do not take a day off and serve for 12 months. There are a total of 45,000 soldiers in VDV. Russia is known for its large stock of war equipment. Tanks, other armored vehicles, artillery and more are kept in the store.

These weapons are the strength of Russia

Russia has invested heavily in weapons like Tu-95 Bear-H, Kh-555 subsonic which are capable of carrying turbofan-powered conventional cruise missiles. It has a warhead of 400 kg and a range of 3500 km.

Russia also has the KH-47M2 Kinjal air-launched ballistic missile. Russian open-source reports claim that Kinjal can reach a range of 3,000 km.

Russia has fighter aircraft like 255 MiG-29/ MiG-35, 131 MiG-31, 274 Sukhoi Su-24, 342 Su-27/ Su-30/ Su-35, and 124 Su.

There is a fleet of more than 1500 fighter aircraft and the number of armored vehicles is 27100.

The army has a large transport fleet and also a huge helicopter fleet.

The army has 538 attack helicopters and 13000 tanks.

Russia has tested fighter jets in Syria and plans to have three Su-57 regiments by 2028.

The Russian military has the Su-57 stealth fighter, which was conceived as a rival to America’s F-22 Raptor and made it to the Red Square parade in 2018.

Russia now has a fleet of about ten SSBNs and 20 powerful submarines like SSN and SSGN.

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Putin is modernizing his nuclear arsenal which is on par with that of the US. It establishes Russia as a superpower.

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