Russia-Ukraine News: Russia-Ukraine crisis a sign of third world war? What is the attitude of Germany, France, know from experts

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  • Ukraine does not join NATO, Russia wants this guarantee
  • Putin is putting military pressure on NATO agreement
  • NATO countries also do not want war to save the economy

Russia-Ukraine News: Tensions between Russia and Ukraine seem to be reaching their peak. In this tension, the sound of the third world war is being heard. Before Kovid, where tension in the South China Sea increased between the US and China. Then it was being said that the next world war would be fought in the Indian Ocean. But after the Corona period, the equations changed and the center of the world war has risen from the ocean to Europe. Millions of Russian soldiers are stationed on the Ukrainian border. Russia has also conducted nuclear military exercises. Along with Belarus, fighter air jets also made their intentions clear by flying in the area. At the same time, America has also instructed Russia to stay within its limits in a warning tone. Actually, what is the truth behind the idea of ​​Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, is it a fight between two big axes? Is this a US fight to save NATO countries from mighty Russia? Is Russia scrambling to regain its pre-1991 prestige? Is the US trying to dominate the Afghanistan affair to brighten the fugitive image? Germany and France, who were the big players of both world wars, what will be their role in Russia and Ukraine, will know the equations of all these questions and also understand the opinion of experts.

Russia wants guarantee that Ukraine will not go to NATO

If Russia attacks its neighboring country Ukraine and fighting starts, there could be a possibility of a humanitarian crisis. Russia has gathered more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border but has said it has no plans to strike. It wants a guarantee from the West that NATO will not allow Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union to be part of this Western military alliance. Foreign policy advisers from Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine, who met in Paris last month, held another round of talks in Berlin. He spoke of no progress on the implementation of the 2015 peace accord.

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Russia, America and European countries are all on this side that there should be no war.

Foreign affairs expert Rahis Singh says that it is difficult to say that there will be a third world war. In fact, Russia wants to establish its dominance over Ukraine through force, the reason being that Russia wants Ukraine not to go to NATO. That’s why Russia has been doing the drama of attacking Ukraine for so long, so that these people are ready for a deal with it. Russia’s intentions are deep. Before 1991, it was called the Soviet Union, then it was very powerful. But now he does not want to collide with the US and spoil his economy, which has already been affected in Coronakal. Putin is not such a weak politician that he is not aware of the harm from war.

Germany and France are in favor of the agreement

It is true that Germany has refused to supply arms to Ukraine in recent times. After the end of the Angela Merkel era in Germany, his inclination is also more towards Russia i.e. socialism. Yet Germany would not want Europe to go to war and damage the European Union and its economy itself.

The era of Angela Merkel and Sarkozy was different

France is alone in this battle. The first was the era of Angela Merkel and Sarkozy, which leaned more towards capitalism, that is, America. Now he is left alone and wants to save the economy which is shaky due to Corona. That’s why neither Germany nor France want any kind of war in Europe.

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