Russia Ukraine News: Crisis deepens after Europe’s stand, Putin also in no mood to back down

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Members of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces, volunteer military units of the Armed Forces, train in a city park in Kyiv.

Kiev: The confrontation is expected to escalate as Europe took a stance on Wednesday and Ukraine urged its citizens to leave Russia. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been given the green light to use military force outside his country, and Western countries have responded by imposing sanctions. There were hopes of a diplomatic exit from the disastrous war, but they all appeared to be unsuccessful.

Some countries called Russia’s action an attack

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The US and major European allies have called Moscow’s entry of Russian troops into Ukraine separatist areas crossing a red line, with some countries calling it an invasion. The top US diplomat canceled a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Kiev recalled its ambassador and considered severing all diplomatic ties with Moscow. Germany put a hold on a lucrative pipeline deal and the US deployed additional troops to NATO’s eastern side bordering Russia.

Ukrainian officials expressed their concern

After weeks of peace efforts, Ukrainian officials on Wednesday signaled rising concerns. The foreign ministry issued an advisory against travel to Russia and recommended evacuation, saying Moscow’s “aggression” could lead to a significant reduction in consular services. The head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council called for a nationwide state of emergency subject to parliamentary approval.

Ukraine’s economy devastated by the threat of war

Oleksiy Danilov said it would be up to regional authorities to decide what measures to implement, but they could include additional security for public facilities, restrictions on traffic and additional transport and document checks. The threat of war has already decimated Ukraine’s economy. Even as the conflict has taken a new, dangerous turn, leaders warned that it could get worse.

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Biden said this on Russia’s action

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered no further advance of 150,000 troops to Ukraine’s 3 sides, while US President Joe Biden withheld tough sanctions for Russia that could have economic repercussions. However, Biden has said that if there is more aggression he will go ahead with it. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba urged Western leaders not to wait.

‘Need to increase pressure to stop Putin’

Kuleba wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: “We call on our partners to impose further sanctions on Russia.” Now there is a need to increase the pressure to stop Putin. Attack the economy of his and his allies. Responding to the steps already taken, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said in a statement on Facebook that “sanctions cannot solve anything”. It is hard to imagine that there is a person in Washington who expects Russia to revise its foreign policy under the threat of sanctions.’

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14 thousand people died in the union in 8 years
In eastern Ukraine, where nearly 14,000 people have been killed in an eight-year conflict between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces, violence has flared up again. Ukraine’s military said a Ukrainian soldier was killed and six others were wounded in the rebel shelling. Separatist officials reported multiple explosions and the death of three civilians in their area during the night.

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