Russia Ukraine News: America’s strong action, President Biden announces tough financial sanctions on Russia

Joe Biden, President, America- India TV Hindi
Image Source : AP/PTI
Joe Biden, President, America

Moscow: In view of Russia’s stand on Ukraine, America has tightened its position. US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the US was ordering tough financial sanctions against Russian banks and oligarchs. He said Moscow had openly violated international law by attacking Ukraine.

Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims about Ukraine “will not fool any of us”. Biden said the US was sending additional forces to protect NATO Baltic allies in view of Russia’s increasing presence in the east.

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In his address, Biden said – ‘We are implementing sanctions on two big financial institutions, VEB and the Military Bank of Russia. Russia’s sovereign debt is imposing sanctions. Russia will be subjected to more sanctions than previous measures. The sanctions would exclude Russia from Western financing. Sanctions will also be imposed on the Russian elite.

US President Joe Biden said – this (Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes the independence of individual regions of Ukraine) is a major violation of international law. We will judge Russia not by its words but by its actions. I hope diplomacy is available now.

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