Russia to resume simulation of a flight to the Moon on November 4

Russia will launch a new phase of the project on November 4th Sirius will develop a simulation of a trip to the Moon, announced on Thursday the Russian Institute of Medical-Biological Research.

Six volunteers, out of a total of twelve candidates selected for the program, will be locked up for 240 days in a special module on the premises of the Institute, based in Moscow, communicated the entity.

Among the future “travelers” of the Moon are the citizens of Russia, United States and United Arab Emirates.

Sirius and NASA Project

The Sirius project (Scientific International Research In Unique Terrestrial Station) is carried out in collaboration with PAN and the space agencies of Russia, Germany and Canada.

Different companies in the space industry of Russia, United States, Germany, France, Italy and other countries.

O goal The exercise is to assess the impact of isolation and an extended stay in the Moon.

Experiment participants will communicate for eight months only with the simulation control center, but will be able to receive correspondence from their family members by email.

russia on the moon

Sirius-2021 is one of the phases of the experiment that started in 2017. The new edition of the simulation initially scheduled for June of this year was postponed to November due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

Russia, andhe first country to send a man into space in 1961, plans to launch a manned mission to the moon starting in 2031.

China it starred in a landmark last December, when the Chang’e 5 probe landed on the visible side of the Moon, emulating the feat of Chang’e 4, which landed on the other side in January 2019.

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