Russia has threatened the United States and Britain with a nuclear attack over Finland’s accession to NATO.

According to British media, Russia has threatened to hit the United States and Britain, including Finland, with supersonic missiles over Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), saying that if Russia’s security was threatened, nuclear weapons would be used. Can use

According to British media reports, Alexei Zovoraloyev, vice chairman of the Russian Defense Committee, said that the United States and Britain had provoked Finland to join NATO, and warned that Finland could be hit by a Satan-2 missile within 10 seconds. Can target

The deputy chairman of the Russian Defense Committee said that if the United States threatened Russia, the same Russian missiles would be for the United States and nuclear ash would come out of the United States.

Alexei Zvoravliyev threatened Britain, saying that the seat could reach Britain in 200 seconds.

Russia, meanwhile, has suspended power supplies to Finland. Prior to the power outage, the Russian energy firm had threatened to cut off supplies due to non-payment of arrears.